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A time for everything


Today’s inspiration comes to all those who wonder why things happen the way they do in their lives. We plan for this and the other becomes the outcome. We anticipate for ‘a’, only to be surprised by ‘b’. We wish for ‘x’, and ‘y’ surprises us. Not to worry. There is a time for everything my friend. Even the world’s book of wisdom that has ever been assures us of that…

  • There is a time to be born and a time to die,
  • A time to plant and a time to uproot,
  • A time to kill and a time to heal,
  • A time to tear down and a time to build,
  • A time to weep and a time to laugh,
  • A time to mourn and a time to dance,
  • A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
  • A time to embrace and a time to refrain,
  • A time to search and a time to give up,
  • A time to keep and a time to throw away,
  • A time to tear and a time to mend,
  • A time to be silent and a time to speak,
  • A time to love and a time to hate,
  • A time for war and a time for peace.

“Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before…” Remember that you are not the first person nor the last to go through what you are going through. I personally believe in the existence of a higher being, one who is greater that anyone of us on earth, and who has been there before all ages and will still be there. He knows all of us by our names. He knows what we are going through and is always by our side whispering “be still and remember I am your maker. I will not forsake you.” Times are many when we choose not to listen to his tender voice because we are often overcome by our present situations. He has brought us the far we are yet we can’t even trust him.  He promises us that the plans he has for us are plans of prosperity and not disaster; plans to bring to us hope for the future we hope for.


You see my friends, God is always faithful to answer. Sometimes His answer is a much desired “yes”; Sometimes His answer is a merciful “no”; Sometimes His answer is a faith-building “not-yet” … and sometimes… sometimes when an answer cannot be found, his answer is simply “Trust me“.

Campus escapades

It’s Strathmore’s Graduation 2015 !!!

We can only expect the day to be filled with pomp, glamour and merry making. Yes! Because it is Strathmore University’s 11th graduation ceremony.


The preparations begun quite early, as early as Wednesday. Yesterday, Thursday, the graduands had their rehearsals and one could tell there were spasms of joy everywhere. Their hard work has finally paid off. 4 years of study is no joke mind you! I personally can’t wait for my turn, next year a time like now. The count down officially begins.

In a snapshot, there will be a number of undergraduate degrees conferred, masters degrees and guess what?! Two phDs. A ceremony to behold indeed.

To my friends Montanah, Rose, Edith, Macharia, Lucy, Njeri and others, I wish you the very best in your next steps of life and above all God’s blessings! Congratulations guys!! You made it!


Love Nelly.

Campus escapades

5 Lovable Phrases in Langue d’amour

Salut! Is the french word for hi. Over the years, French has been known as the language of love (langue d’amour). When I first heard that, I thought it is because of the word french itself. For some reason it sounded like a kiss to my ears. I can’t explain how or why. However, when I went to high school and had a taste of it, I got to understand why. I chose French as my technical (I also don’t understand why those electives were referred to as ‘technicals’) . I know I most probably chose the subject because of the kiss mentality. Hahah! But I can tell you for sure it is a language of love.

Anyway, I did it for roughly two years and had to make a difficult decision in my 2nd year to either continue with the subject or with Computer Studies instead. I was good and loved both of them but sadly had to let one of them go. I knew “out here” I’d do French but really needed computer studies to sort my issues on my own at the local cyber café.

Later on here I am enjoying French in campus, thanks to Strathmore it is an elective in their undergraduate curriculum. You will bear me witness that if you like something you will go extra miles to make sure you are good at it and also to acquire as much knowledge as possible. It was in one of those ‘miles’ that I came across some rather sweet phrases that I think we definitely need in English. You know how you can’t translate some wordings and their meaning be brought out well better than in their original language? Some jokes are like that, you know. So here’s a list of 5 phrases that I collected; they can be used to express those feel-good-moments, but only in french. Read on 

1. La douleur exquise

la douleur  …ouch…

2. Sortable

sortable and we all have this person

3. Retrouvailles


4. Trouvaille


5. Chantepleurer

These kids did the explanation better than any dictionary.

crying-and-singing crying and singing it is. Touching!

Sooo… next time you find yourself in a situation, why not pull a “je m’ appelle” .

(images courtesy of word~struck and google)


Inspire me

You were never meant to be like them


No one said it was ever meant to be easy. Nor was it meant to be a downhill ride. It was never meant to be a straight line… Rather, it always comes as an entangled, perplexed and embroiled puzzle that you have to solve for you to finally get on the right line that will lead you to where you want to be. I am talking about finding your purpose in this life. The reason why you were born in the first place. Allow me to call it success.

You see, there is a reason why you cannot be like those who you so much want and desire to be like. There is a reason why whenever you try looking and acting like them it almost always ends up being a big flop. There is a reason why the moment you think you are matching up to the ‘cool thing’ frustration follows your soul. There is a reason, my friend. It is your individuality, who you really are, that is fighting hard to express itself in a world full of impersonation where everyone wants to mimic everyone else.

You can surely not survive such strong torrents to be what everyone thinks is cool by simply trying to be ‘them’. I can assure you that ‘them’ discovered who they really are earlier than most others. They do not need to try any harder to be anything more than who they are. They discovered where their happiness lies. They are lucky. Lucky because they no longer have to wonder what it is that they actually want.

Here is the good news! You can also discover happiness in your life in your own way. Success lies within you and no wonder the saying goes, ‘you are the architect of your happiness.’ It is true. The first step in the whole process is reconciling with your self. You need to have a conversation with your thoughts, words, deeds, your dislikes and your likes. This is where who you really are begins to make sense. It is in these little things that we so easily overlook in our day to day experiences.

No matter how many times you have considered your abilities not worth it, they are the element that mother nature really is asking of from you. You know you are unique and it is this uniqueness you have to the table. What is in you is uniquely yours. It doesn’t matter how the world looks at it. Neither does it matter how inferior it appears compared to the world’s status quo. The same way no one can be likened to you, you too cannot be likened to anyone else, except yourself. This is why you need to discover your real you. Your purpose in this planet I say. When you discover your purpose, the journey to achieve your dreams will be easier than you’d ever imagined. More doors will be opened for you. The future, will all of a sudden start to look up to you. You know how good this will feel.


But when you get there, attaining success will not be effortless. Once, I read a quote that defined success as moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Success is failure turned inside out. Success is whereby if you fail five times you rise up six times. It is persistence on what you aspire to be until you get it. No one ever defined success as a gift that you receive on a silver platter. Except in their dreams. It is from hard-work and sacrifice that the best is achieved. Again, it is important, if we always remind ourselves that if it is easy, if it is comfortable, if it is familiar and if it is safe, it is not growth.


Let’s do Regression Analysis


Yes. Let’s do regression analysis today. This post comes up consequent of a humble request by one of the blog readers. And since I have a thing for maths, i thought why not?  Hey Stan! Your post is finally up. Straight on to basics.

Regression analysis is a quantitative forecasting technique that is used to develop an equation that will estimate costs given a certain number of unit production. For starters, determining how cost will change with output or other measurable factors of activity is of vital importance in decision making, planning and control. The challenge for most organisations is to determine how costs will be in future because costs behave variably in different seasons. You know they pose a challenge to predict them.

A regression equation allows one to mark the relationship between variables that are dependent and those that are independent. In most cases cost is the dependent variable and cost drivers the independent variables. The regression equation is written like this:

y = a + bx 

Once the equation is identified, you can use the equation to predict costs for the future. This equation enables managers develop budget plans since they can forecast future costs with some degree of certainty.

The cost equation will most of the times be derived from past data. Past data could involve looking at company’s records, interviewing managers or conducting special studies. The disadvantage of this, as you will agree, is that it assumes past trends will be replicated in future. This is not always the case. The following steps are followed in estimating a cost function using regression analysis:


  1. 1. Choose the dependent variable – This will depend on the cost function being estimated. Remember that the dependent variable is the cost to be predicted and managed.
  2. Identify the independent variable – This is the factor to predict the dependent variable. An independent variable should be measurable and have an economically plausible relationship with the dependent variable. Economic plausability means that the relationship describing how changes in the cost driver leads to changes being considered is based on a physical relationship, a contract or knowledge of operations and makes economic sense to the manager concerned. Of importance to note, is that all the individual items of cost included in the dependent variable should have the same independent variable (cost driver).
  3.  Collect data on the dependent and independent variables – These data could be time series or cross-sectional data.
  4. Plot the data – The plot provides insight into the relevant range of the cost function and reveals whether the relationship is approximately linear.
  5. Estimate the cost function – This has over time appeared to be the most difficult stage of regression analysis. In class assignments this is where the work begins. All the above steps are usually already done for us.
  6. Interpret the equation.

That was the basic introduction to regression analysis. In Let’s do Regression Analysis Part 2 I will show you how to carry out step 5 and 6. I will also explain what correlation coefficient and coefficient of variation mean and what their implications are.

Keep it here for more insights.


A Father’s Day that was

Before anything I wish all dads a belated Happy Father’s Day. Dad, i love you so much. You are my hero!


So yesterday, Sunday 21st June was world’s day of celebrating all the fathers and aspiring fathers. In Kenya, we were not left behind in this once-in-a-year celebration. You know we do things our own way… The #kot way. Kenyans on twitter are the best people on earth, if I were asked!

So there was this trend that was too funny to go unnoticed by any twitter fanatic. Myself included. (Don’t ask me how many followers I have. You know it’s a struggle). #IsYourDadAware was the thing. I collected a few memes from the topic that I thought you, my friends would love. Have a laugh!

1. #IsYourDadAware of your Vision 2032?


2. #IsYourDadAware this is how you woke up this morning?


3. #IsYourDadAware that you like taking nude pictures?


4. #IsYourDadAware that your creativity on groundies looks like this


5. #IsYourDadAware that you took HELB and bought these shoes?


6. #IsYourDadAware this is how you look after your younger brother?


7. #IsYourDadAware you do this?


8. #IsYourDadAware this is how you queue for merry go rounds from twitter hunnies?


9. #IsYourDadAware this is your crush?


10. #IsYourDadAware you have thought about this?


Hilarious man! Let me know which was funniest for you in the comments section.



Secrets to winning at office politics – a must read title

book review1

“Playing politics is like having sex. Almost everybody does it, but nobody is comfortable discussing exactly what they do.” Begins Marie McIntyre, PH.D., the author of Secrets to winning at office politics.

“The political side of work quickly becomes apparent as soon as we take our first job. To succeed, we not only have to do outstanding work, but we also have to deal with quirky bosses and annoying co-workers. Colleagues get defensive when we point out their mistakes, unscrupulous rivals try to stab us in the back, and managers make decisions that seem totally unfair or completely idiotic. Learning to deal with these realities, and succeed in spite of them, constitutes our on-the-job political education. Every office is a playing field for the game of politics.  And when you take a job, you’re automatically a player.” she adds on.

Many people feel that playing the political game involves devious plotting or blatant self-promotion. In reality though, politics is what naturally happens whenever people with different goals, interests and personalities try to work together.


In this absorbing, captivating, fascinating and addictive read, the author will leave you with no option but to shine at your work place. So far it is the best book I have read on navigating your way to the top at the work place. I have read it more than once and I sure will read it again and again.

In the book, Marie covers a wide range of work place related concerns. Some of them include;

  • Political Intelligence and the facts of life – she leads you into developing political intelligence and explains to you the impossibility of fairness at the work place and instead what you should build on,
  • Using your energy wisely at the work place,
  • Political pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • Political games and how each should be played. She gives a guideline on how to identify political games and gives you the counter moves that you so much need,
  • Toxic workplaces (this was one of my best parts) and how to identify them,
  • Increasing your political power at the work place and
  • Sharpening your influence skills at the work place just to list a few.

This book is available on amazon and can be bought here.

Get yours now and know what it is that you need to do to get it right.