The Fault in Our Stars

I could be probably late in this considering it is a book that was published in 2012 but it was honestly better late than never, in this case especially. Boy!!! I have not read a comparable to this in my entire life! Why lie? If you haven’t already read this book, do yourself a favor and get it. And read it!


I do not have the words to push it through but just go read it. There is the movie I know but the book was better. Continue reading “The Fault in Our Stars”

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Simple Truths We Choose to Ignore (Part 2)

This is a continuation of “Simple Truths We Choose to Ignore“. If you missed the 1st part of this you can find it here.

part 2

  1. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.

Life gets much easier when you learn to accept all the apologies you never got.  The key is to be thankful for every experience – positive or negative.  It’s taking a step back and saying, “Thank you for the lesson.”  It’s realizing that grudges from the past are a perfect waste of today’s happiness, and that holding one is like letting unwanted company live rent free in your head. Continue reading “Simple Truths We Choose to Ignore (Part 2)”

Inspire me

Simple Truths We Choose to Ignore

We forget

1.  The average human life is relatively short.

We know deep down that life is short, and that death will happen to all of us eventually, and yet we are infinitely surprised when it happens to someone we know.  It’s like walking up a flight of stairs with a distracted mind, and misjudging the final step.  You expected there to be one more stair than there is, and so you find yourself off balance for a moment before your mind shifts back to the present moment and how the world really is.

LIVE your life TODAY!  Continue reading “Simple Truths We Choose to Ignore”