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Worst Mistakes People Make in Their 20’s

Most people use their 20s to figure out what it means to be an adult, and the process is certainly not easy for everyone. Continue reading “Worst Mistakes People Make in Their 20’s”

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Sustainable Development Goals

This is the list of Sustainable Development Goals.

17 in number, they will come after the expiration of Millennium Development Goals that will be expiring this year. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also called  Global Goals, and Agenda 2030 are a set of targets relating to International development agreed by Inter-governments. Continue reading “Sustainable Development Goals”

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DREAMS: Top 9 and their meaning

Many psychologists have given up trying to interpret dreams except one Psychologist Ian Wallace who hasn’t. Having interpreted over 150,000 dreams during more than 30 years of practice he helped compile a list of nine of the most common dreams, their meanings, and what action you should take in waking life.  Continue reading “DREAMS: Top 9 and their meaning”


Let’s talk cologne today (Paco Rabanne’s)


Lady Million and Black XS

Whereas the likes of Christian Dior could write and write about perfume and say many things about them that made the whole issue about colognes sound like some classic French affair (of course minus any fancy dress ball or maids running around) I cannot dare equate myself to them on these things. What am I saying? Continue reading “Let’s talk cologne today (Paco Rabanne’s)”