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Adam Levine’s (and R. City) Locked Away

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I have to admit that this is a song I ain’t getting over any time soon.

Boy! You will easily burst into tears when you listen to it and reflect a bit.

It pierces the heart to the core from the very first word of the video. First, parents have to leave their fams behind in search of greener pastures for the sake of these same families. It only  makes me feel like life is unfair. But as the adage goes, everything happens for a reason.

I cannot say it is a break up song, nor a love song. But the content and everything are like a litmus paper on an aspect of true love. Maybe this should be sung by partners before they walk down the aisle. Or before they decide to start off on the journey of love. Or when else?

It’s too emotional man! And y’all should listen to it.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

And we all can’t forget to remark Adam Levine. For everything. Did you see this cute little  girl who had like an adorable funny crush on Adam Levine? Have an aawww moment!

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