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Two Years Later… *plus

“I wandered everywhere,

Through cities and countries wide,

And everywhere I went, the world was on my side… “

Hahah! This is me being corny trying to say I am back… Mainly because… Well. Long story. Let’s say life happened.

All in all the feeling is like coming back home from such a loong long voyage… which serves me right because I am miles away from home (for work – yay! I got a job 2 years ago too) in Tanzania and adult homesick is real! When did we stop crying when we felt homesick? Coz I’m just basically bored of everything and tired of doing the countdown to going back and consoling myself that this is not homesick.

I missed being here. I missed you all who inspired me to think I could be the next Paulo Coelho in the way I write – LOL! Where did the emojis go? and thanks for sticking around even when I was away. Thanks for the 5 views I got today (2 from Spain (wow) and 3 from Tanzania – which have to be mine for those 2 times I was looking for a login button).

Thanks you for the support! It humbles me  A LOT… Honestly!

I send all the love to you.


You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you…..

Like you guys! Thanks.

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