I have been having a really hard time trying to concentrate on all other things that I should be doing because I am so excited about coming back to this little blog and about the stories I’ll write which I have absolutely no clue or plan about because pretty much I am like a Dr. Seuss of everything but writing.

I am also so excited because of this big plan that I have in my head of getting a mini around the world ticket next year and visiting a few places like Morocco, France, Greece, Norway and France and France. God! I’d love to go to France! There’s also Dubai, Canada and Phoenix (honestly don’t ask me why Phoenix because I know not why Phoenix) and New York. They said I can add London at no extra cost and why not.

It would be very good if I was an executor of plans because history has it tharae don’t. It could remain a plan between me and the computer robot that gave me an average price quote and suggested London to me and which airline Alliance is better than the other and which times I should even do the trip. Hah! Eleanor Roosevelts of everything but believing in sweetness of their dreams. This is how technology has taken over our decision making faculties and left us candy crush to crush whichever candy can be crashed. But I don’t know, I don’t care. I’m gonna remain like this until someone gives me one other crazy idea like sky diving or going for a trip to Rwanda by road for a weekend. From Nairobi.

In the meantime, I love how sweet these pawpaws taste… better than these other better looking melons.



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