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A confusing journey to paradise?

I recently spoke to my friend whom I parted ways with after high school which was about 5 years ago. I will call her Valentine although this is not her real name. The normal catching up was all done and the as the conversation was ending she mentioned to me that she had gotten saved. I did not give it much thought because anyway most of us had gotten saved after 3 years of being out here in the world. I did not even bother asking her many questions because getting saved meant exactly that. However, before I said good night she invited me to join her in her now new church where she felt her heart was. This caught my attention and I asked her which church. Continue reading “A confusing journey to paradise?”

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Things You Only Know If You Went To an All Girls School

From faking your period to get out of PE, to rolling your skirt to indecent lengths, there are certain things only all girls school alumni will appreciate… Continue reading “Things You Only Know If You Went To an All Girls School”

Campus escapades

It’s Strathmore’s Graduation 2015 !!!

We can only expect the day to be filled with pomp, glamour and merry making. Yes! Because it is Strathmore University’s 11th graduation ceremony.


The preparations begun quite early, as early as Wednesday. Yesterday, Thursday, the graduands had their rehearsals and one could tell there were spasms of joy everywhere. Their hard work has finally paid off. 4 years of study is no joke mind you! I personally can’t wait for my turn, next year a time like now. The count down officially begins.

In a snapshot, there will be a number of undergraduate degrees conferred, masters degrees and guess what?! Two phDs. A ceremony to behold indeed.

To my friends Montanah, Rose, Edith, Macharia, Lucy, Njeri and others, I wish you the very best in your next steps of life and above all God’s blessings! Congratulations guys!! You made it!


Love Nelly.

Campus escapades

5 Lovable Phrases in Langue d’amour

Salut! Is the french word for hi. Over the years, French has been known as the language of love (langue d’amour). When I first heard that, I thought it is because of the word french itself. For some reason it sounded like a kiss to my ears. I can’t explain how or why. However, when I went to high school and had a taste of it, I got to understand why. I chose French as my technical (I also don’t understand why those electives were referred to as ‘technicals’) . I know I most probably chose the subject because of the kiss mentality. Hahah! But I can tell you for sure it is a language of love.

Anyway, I did it for roughly two years and had to make a difficult decision in my 2nd year to either continue with the subject or with Computer Studies instead. I was good and loved both of them but sadly had to let one of them go. I knew “out here” I’d do French but really needed computer studies to sort my issues on my own at the local cyber café.

Later on here I am enjoying French in campus, thanks to Strathmore it is an elective in their undergraduate curriculum. You will bear me witness that if you like something you will go extra miles to make sure you are good at it and also to acquire as much knowledge as possible. It was in one of those ‘miles’ that I came across some rather sweet phrases that I think we definitely need in English. You know how you can’t translate some wordings and their meaning be brought out well better than in their original language? Some jokes are like that, you know. So here’s a list of 5 phrases that I collected; they can be used to express those feel-good-moments, but only in french. Read on 

1. La douleur exquise

la douleur  …ouch…

2. Sortable

sortable and we all have this person

3. Retrouvailles


4. Trouvaille


5. Chantepleurer

These kids did the explanation better than any dictionary.

crying-and-singing crying and singing it is. Touching!

Sooo… next time you find yourself in a situation, why not pull a “je m’ appelle” .

(images courtesy of word~struck and google)