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Things You Only Know If You Went To an All Girls School

From faking your period to get out of PE, to rolling your skirt to indecent lengths, there are certain things only all girls school alumni will appreciate… Continue reading “Things You Only Know If You Went To an All Girls School”


Engagements – Indisputable facts about them (part 2)


This is a continuation of my earlier post on indisputable facts about engagements. If you missed the post, you can find it here.

10.  People will ask you specific questions about your wedding that you won’t have answers to. Like what theme color are you having? How many bridesmaids? Some things really need attention for real.

11.  There are so many microscopic decisions that you will need to make that you will probably need some spreadsheet tips. For example, what font to have on your cards, criteria for picking maids (slender ones or healthy ones). I do not know if this is obvious to you but I think when my time comes I will have a bit of a hard time choosing what design of a gown to pick. This gives me shivers.

12.  … And people will tell you about those decisions even if you didn’t ask them. Like “you think red lipstick will be better than pink..?” Dear friends, unless you have been asked for your opinion, keep it to yourself. Okay?

13.  People you barely know will want to know of your proposal. Oh well! Do they really have to know? It can get annoying. And imagine the reason they ask is because they just want to know!

14.  …These same people, or others you do not know, will want to have a look at the piece of jewelry on your finger. Some literally grab your poor hand. A sanitizer will be a good friend. Always carry a bottle.

15.  Even if you are not the type, you will probably make a Pinterest wedding board. It will just naturally happen. I promise.

16.  You’ll never stop being terrified of losing your ring…or slamming your hand into something. You know what I am talking about. Going back to the past will be a struggle. Actually an impossibility.

17.  If you attend any wedding before your own, you will be scrutinizing the details to find out if there is anything you can ‘borrow’ and incorporate into yours. And…you will also be silently noting what you do not want to be in yours.

18.  Finalyyy… You will start thinking (seriously) about the fact that this is the person you will be with for the rest of your life. It will make you the happiest human around. But for this to hold, make sure you say yes to the person whom your heart really wants to be with. As in the person who literally lights up your world. I mean it.



Engagements – Indisputable facts about them (part 1)


Today feels a little bit mushy, I don’t know why. Is it because I wore this short black dress that my friend Phyllis got for me? Maybe. Thanks big Phyl. Friends like you are quite hard to find. Did I mention I feel very confident in it? Y’all should see me today 😉

Anyway, to the business of the day. Of late I have been going through the internet looking for stuff about weddings and what have you. Not for myself, for sure, but see, a friend of mine is getting married soon… As soon as November… Yaayyy!!! Congratulations to the couple already! So I bumped into some rather hilarious facts (allow me to call them facts) about this thing called engagement. I do not know how men feel about it but I can tell you for sure that us girls ladies feel like we are in a little heaven on earth. Even imaginations make you feel so. I am personally not engaged yet but I totally related to the few engagement stories I have heard/read when I saw the list. Here we go.


  1. In the moment you will be 100% astounded even if you had a glimmer it was coming. There’s just no real way to predict the moment when they will do it but when they do you will be totally overwhelmed by emotions you didn’t even know you had. ENJOY THEM!
  2. Getting proposed to is a little bit awkward.  I do not know why people don’t talk about this but proposals are a little bit weird. Like…what do we do now? Can I call you fiancé? And whom do I call first? Such questions… And by the way in all of them people put hands on their faces. No matter what. I just don’t know why.
  3. The ring will not probably fit perfectly unless your partner is some sizing magician. Rings tend to be hard to fit unless you have tried them on. Oh wait! I heard there are engagements where the partners decide to go shopping for rings. I’d rather have an oversize one. This will utterly spoil all the surprise…and…f.u.n…! (Dear Mr. Right, I hope you are reading this).
  4. You will go through a wave of wanting to tell literally everyone who will care to listen that you are engaged. But this feeling is quite familiar. When he asked you out you literally told all your friends. Hahah… And always remembered to refer to him as “my boyfriend” or whatever title that was.
  5. There will be a few all-knowing mystical friends who claim they just knew it was about to happen. Like daah! Okay, if you know, next time alert a sister!
  6. As soon as you post anything to social media, kid you not, you will be literally bombarded  with messages. And calls. Don’t be afraid to put your phone off if you want a peaceful time.
  7. Immediately after you tell people, their first question will be, “so when’s the date?”. I also do this. It’s simply human nature. Hahah.. But if the engagement went down a few days earlier, they will not even have the date. And by the way is it usually a guarantee that after the engagement the couple should marry like as soon? I think I’ll buy time. Really.
  8. Being engaged will ultimately go down as the time you had the most champagne in your life. This is why your friends girlfriends are important people. I do not know what happens for men buuut…celebrating a sister always goes down pretty well.
  9. Saying ‘fiancé’ for the first time will feel like the weirdest thing ever. Goodness! I do not know if I will especially keep up with that. It’s weird but good thing it won’t last forever. It’s a term you have to remember to use between dating and marriage. These things!!

Look out for the part two of this article. The list was quite long so I decided to split it into two.

Love Nelly…


A Father’s Day that was

Before anything I wish all dads a belated Happy Father’s Day. Dad, i love you so much. You are my hero!


So yesterday, Sunday 21st June was world’s day of celebrating all the fathers and aspiring fathers. In Kenya, we were not left behind in this once-in-a-year celebration. You know we do things our own way… The #kot way. Kenyans on twitter are the best people on earth, if I were asked!

So there was this trend that was too funny to go unnoticed by any twitter fanatic. Myself included. (Don’t ask me how many followers I have. You know it’s a struggle). #IsYourDadAware was the thing. I collected a few memes from the topic that I thought you, my friends would love. Have a laugh!

1. #IsYourDadAware of your Vision 2032?


2. #IsYourDadAware this is how you woke up this morning?


3. #IsYourDadAware that you like taking nude pictures?


4. #IsYourDadAware that your creativity on groundies looks like this


5. #IsYourDadAware that you took HELB and bought these shoes?


6. #IsYourDadAware this is how you look after your younger brother?


7. #IsYourDadAware you do this?


8. #IsYourDadAware this is how you queue for merry go rounds from twitter hunnies?


9. #IsYourDadAware this is your crush?


10. #IsYourDadAware you have thought about this?


Hilarious man! Let me know which was funniest for you in the comments section.



Wanna Laugh? Scroll on

Today has been one busy day. My God!

I honestly can’t even put my thoughts together. But I promised to be sharing something every day. I don’t want to give in to exhaustion. Never. Since all I need now is a really good laugh, I will share some funny pics my friends forwarded to me. During times like this, I usually go through my gallery and at the end of it I feel light. So here we go:

Image 1.

I used to be so addicted to those word of the day memes. Then got over it. But this one had to top the list! The addiction again!


Image 2


(who does that honestly? Hahaha! Trust students)

Image 3

(An old one but I laugh at it to date)


Image 4

(A throwback to those damn floods.)


(means: add more money madam or you come down)

And finally…

Funny4(this is why life is unfair man!) *tears*

Which one made you laugh? Let me know in the comments section.