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Adam Levine’s (and R. City) Locked Away

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I have to admit that this is a song I ain’t getting over any time soon.

Boy! You will Continue reading “Adam Levine’s (and R. City) Locked Away”


The Fault in Our Stars

I could be probably late in this considering it is a book that was published in 2012 but it was honestly better late than never, in this case especially. Boy!!! I have not read a comparable to this in my entire life! Why lie? If you haven’t already read this book, do yourself a favor and get it. And read it!


I do not have the words to push it through but just go read it. There is the movie I know but the book was better. Continue reading “The Fault in Our Stars”


Secrets to winning at office politics – a must read title

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“Playing politics is like having sex. Almost everybody does it, but nobody is comfortable discussing exactly what they do.” Begins Marie McIntyre, PH.D., the author of Secrets to winning at office politics.

“The political side of work quickly becomes apparent as soon as we take our first job. To succeed, we not only have to do outstanding work, but we also have to deal with quirky bosses and annoying co-workers. Colleagues get defensive when we point out their mistakes, unscrupulous rivals try to stab us in the back, and managers make decisions that seem totally unfair or completely idiotic. Learning to deal with these realities, and succeed in spite of them, constitutes our on-the-job political education. Every office is a playing field for the game of politics.  And when you take a job, you’re automatically a player.” she adds on.

Many people feel that playing the political game involves devious plotting or blatant self-promotion. In reality though, politics is what naturally happens whenever people with different goals, interests and personalities try to work together.


In this absorbing, captivating, fascinating and addictive read, the author will leave you with no option but to shine at your work place. So far it is the best book I have read on navigating your way to the top at the work place. I have read it more than once and I sure will read it again and again.

In the book, Marie covers a wide range of work place related concerns. Some of them include;

  • Political Intelligence and the facts of life – she leads you into developing political intelligence and explains to you the impossibility of fairness at the work place and instead what you should build on,
  • Using your energy wisely at the work place,
  • Political pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • Political games and how each should be played. She gives a guideline on how to identify political games and gives you the counter moves that you so much need,
  • Toxic workplaces (this was one of my best parts) and how to identify them,
  • Increasing your political power at the work place and
  • Sharpening your influence skills at the work place just to list a few.

This book is available on amazon and can be bought here.

Get yours now and know what it is that you need to do to get it right.


UBER! A ride of a life time

Have you ever experienced something that you are used to but the experience felt different? Have you ever experienced something that all you’d like is to share it with each one of your friends? Have you ever experienced something that made you so happy to the point of losing words to possibly express it? I had such an experience yesterday evening!


It was an experience, a first experience, with I lack the words to begin my description but man! That was the best cab ride I have ever had in my life. For starters, Uber is an American taxi service provider. It is relatively new in Kenya. It began operations in Nairobi in January 2015. Initially it had only one mode of payment, credit cards, which was not quite user-friendly for its Kenyan market. Recently, they introduced cash payment and I am not quite sure if mobile payment is already in effect. If not, it will be possible soon. Convenient, right?!

So this is how it began. After having a luscious dinner with a very good friend of mine, we needed a means to get us back home. All our cab guys were either very far or with a list of clients. So he suggests we call Uber and i am a bit skeptical because of obvious reasons. We all know how safe cabs in Nairobi can be! I had seen their adverts of how safe they were but I wasn’t yet convinced. But look here, there was no other option! And it was late. He had the Uber app already, thanks to a friend of his who signed him up. So we straight away “Request a Cab”. This is where the gist began! Immediately after placing our request, we could trace the car coming our way. We could even see it negotiating turns. Did I mention we had an option of choosing which driver we wanted? And in a way the car model we wanted?

In 6 minutes (and I’m not kidding), the cab was right there! We got in and our driver, Julius, started the journey. Ooh boy! The fresh scent that was not in that car! I must say that car was very clean. And comfortable! Very. Can you imagine they even have sweets and water to offer? Like seriously! And it’s not at any extra fee! Talking of the driver himself, he was so courteous, professional, friendly, you name it! Let’s just call him a chauffeur (for that particular moment). It was an all calm 15 minutes ride although it felt like 4 minutes.

How you pay for it? The app does all the math for you! Can you imagine! You can be sure there’re no more overcharging stories. You get to choose the mode of payment when requesting for a cab. Our case was, however, different. For first timers, you get to enjoy an absolutely free ride! To whichever destination but within Nairobi.

And finally, here is the epitome of rewards. They send you a code after your (first) ride. Each of your friends that sign up with your code receive Kshs.1,000 off their first ride; and each person that you refer and takes a ride, you receive Kshs.1,000 uber credit to your account. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?

The only drawback in my opinion is that, since they charge their rides per minute, the costs will go up if you get stuck in traffic.

Why not sign up today and feel the uber experience in Nairobi!